Ricta Wheels


Ricta Naturals urethane is our most balanced formula for maximum speed and smooth roll. Naturals urethane slides when you want it and gives you control when you need it. Our longest lasting urethane with fewer flat spots.

53mm Shanahan Flux Naturals White Round 101a
52mm Asta Flux Naturals White Slim 101a
54mm Brevard Impeller Naturals Wide 101a
53mm Johnson Impeller Naturals Round 101a
52mm Desarmo Turbine Naturals Slim 101a
51mm Desarmo Vortex Naturals White Slim 99a
52mm Asta Vortex Naturals White Slim 101a
53mm Shanahan Vortex Naturals White Round 101a
54mm Nunes Vortex Naturals White Wide 99a
54mm McCoy Vortex Naturals White Slim 99a
52mm Facchini Orbital Naturals White Metallic Red Mid 101a
53mm Brevard Orbital Naturals White Purple Wide 99a
53mm Johnson Orbital Naturals White Gold Mid 99a
52mm Facchini Source Naturals Mid 101a
53mm Johnson Source Naturals Mid 99a
53mm Brevard Source Naturals Wide 99a
52mm Asta Geo Naturals Slim 101a
53mm Shanahan Geo Naturals Round 101a
54mm McCoy Geo Naturals Slim 99a
52mm Facchini Reflective Naturals Slim 101a
53mm Brevard Reflective Naturals Wide 99a
51mm Reflective Naturals Slim 101a
53mm Reflective Naturals Round 99a
54mm Reflective Naturals Wide 99a
52mm Asta Reflective Naturals Slim 101a
53mm Knibbs Reflective Naturals Wide 99a
54mm McCoy Reflective Naturals Slim 99a


Ricta cored wheels provide optimal speed and reduced rolling resistance. They maintain shape integrity when landing tricks and are proven to roll over cracks with less feedback than conventional urethane wheels.

53mm Chrome Core White 99a
54mm Chrome Core White 99a
53mm Shanahan Crystal Cores Clear Metallic Red 95a
52mm Crystal Cores 95a
53mm Crystal Cores 95a
54mm Crystal Cores 95a
53mm Chrome Core Black Gold 99a
53mm Chrome Core White Teal 99a
54mm Chrome Core White Teal 99a
56mm Cored Clouds Black 92a
52mm Chrome Core Black Gold 99a
52mm Chrome Core Black Gold 99a


Ricta Speedrings’ unique core design puts urethane around the bearing bore like a non-cored wheel. You get the feel of a traditional wheel with the speed and reduced rolling resistance of a cored wheel. Less Rattle, More Roll

54mm Facchini Speedrings White Wide 101a
53mm Desarmo Speedrings White Wide 101a
52mm Asta Speedrings White Slim 99a
53mm McCoy Speedrings White Wide 99a
53mm Asta Speedrings Clear Orange Slim 95a
53mm Shanahan Speedrings Wide 99a
51mm Speedrings Slim 99a
52mm Speedrings Slim 99a
53mm Speedrings Wide 99a
54mm Speedrings Wide 99a


Ricta Clouds are the most diverse cruiser wheel family in skateboarding. With available sizes from 52-60mm and 78, 86, and 92a durometers, Ricta makes a wheel for any terrain or setup.

56mm Clouds Black 92a
57mm Clouds Red 86a
56mm Clouds White 78a
54mm Clouds Black 92a
52mm Clouds Black 92a
60mm Clouds White 78a
55mm Clouds Red 86a
53mm Clouds Red 86a
52mm Clouds White 78a
54mm Clouds White 78a

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